You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 1
January 2018

Message Boards Up

Message boards have been opened up on the LearnNavi and Tree of Souls forums for you to post and also get up to date news about the meet up, besides this newsletter.  Below are links to the message boards:

Tree of Souls

AvatarMeets 2018.  That's right 'meets' this time!

It's looking like 2018 might be a bumper year for AvatarMeets with two being actively looked at.  The first meet up will be in North America during the summer.  The second meet up will be later in the year in Germany to see the Cirque du Soleil Show, Toruk - The First Flight.  But where will they be?  Read on to find out!

AvatarMeet - North America:
The first meet up of 2018 will be in North America and as usual a number of suggestions have been put forward. Below is the list of suggestions with a brief summary for each.

Located on the west coast of Canada, just north of Seattle, this location has been suggested for it's ease of access and proximity to Avatar related activities.  Find out more in the thread topic on

Yellowstone Park:
This National park is located in the northwest of Wyoming and has been suggested for it spectacular scenery and the opportunity to get in touch with nature.  Find out more in the thread topic on

Grand Canyon:
World renowned location for outstanding views and scenery, the Grand Canyon has been suggested as a location to get closer to nature as well as see the awe inspiring views.  More info on this location can be found on this
LearnNa'vi thread.

AvatarMeet - Europe:
The second meet up of 2018 will be in Germany where Cirque du Soleil will be touring with their amazing Toruk - The First Flight show.  It will certainly be an opportunity not to be missed to have a meet up around the show.  Although the show will be visiting a number of venues, these have been condensed down to two options: Cologne or Berlin.  There is a thread on LearnNa'vi where the location options are being discussed.  Below is a brief summary of each.

Located in the east of Germany not far from the Dutch border, Cologne has a famous cathedral and over 2000 years of roman history to fall back on.  There is also the Königsforst, which is a nature reserve covered with forest, with streams & bogs, home to diverse plants & wildlife.  You can view a video of cologne

Berlin is located in the north east of Germany and whilst the capital city, it has many lakes and nature preservation areas to explore as well as a world renowned zoo.  There is a
video that provides a summary of the location.

Time for you to decide:
Now you have read about the possible locations of each of the meet ups, it is time for you to decide where you would like them to be held.  All you have to do is click on the relevant link below and it will take you to a survey with some multiple choice questions.  There is also a comments box for you to fill in.  The survey will take no more than five minute, so what are you waiting for?  You meet up awaits you!

Please respond to the survey by 26th January.  Irayoooo :)
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