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You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
AvatarMeet Newsletter
February 2nd, 2012

The Numbers so Far

As of now we have a total of 56 people registered for the meetup out of the 83 people that have created an account. Out of those people registered, only 17 people have made hotel reservations. Still looking for a roommate or two? There are 11 people who are currently looking for a roommate. 22 people are participating in the cosplay. 17 people are going on the camping trip, with 13 of those also participating in the backpacking portion.

To edit your information or to sign up go here.

To view the current numbers go here.

Na'vi Classes

We are planning to have a few hours dedicated to Na'vi classes. They will likely take place on Sunday and we would like to involve at least 2 levels to accommodate different people's level of understanding of the language. We have currently only received one confirmed 201 student. All the rest have signed up for 101.  While it is not necessary that you sign up for the classes, it is recommended that you do if you are interested. This will help us to determine numbers and set up classes accordingly. We are looking for students as well as teachers. To participate in the discussion or to sign up please see here or here.


The deadline to get a discount and get one our reserved rooms at the Best Western Executive Inn is June 5th. It is highly recommended that you book as soon as you can to avoid missing the deadline or running out of rooms. Detailed info on the hotel and how to book is here. Just to be clear, you need to call the hotel to make your reservation. You cannot reserve a hotel room through

2012 is Here...

Less Than 6 Months to go.

Happy new year! With the new year comes the fact that we are now less than 6 months away from AvatarMeet 2012. For those of you not signed up or not sure if you will be attending, you have some time yet to figure things out. Just be aware of hotel discount deadlines and other important information about dates. To sign up, simply create a profile on here. For those of you that have signed up or are planning on attending, there are several things to keep in mind such as hotel reservations, cosplay, camping, carpools...ect. Detailed info on hotel reservations is here. Please keep your profile on updated as you change your plans or make reservations, as it helps to coordinate events and make sure everyone gets to Seattle and has an awesome time there. This newsletter contains a lot of pertinant information about getting ready for the meetup. More information can be found on and on the various forums.

If you haven't yet, now is a good time to register on By creating an account you can provide us with vital information to help us plan the meetup. We are getting close to having to make some decisions based on numbers, so the more good usable intel you can provide, the better! Registering also lets you see cool stuff like the full list of who's attending which parts of the meetup and who's still looking for roommates...ect. If you are already registered, now is a good time to stop by the site and check that your profile is up to date. Our code prolemurs are continuing to make updates across the site, so be sure to check back often for new information and features!

Camping Transportation

The camping trip, which takes place before the actual meetup, will be in Olympic National Park. There has been a lot of discussion on transportation to and from this adventure. Right now, we are trying to figure out what shuttles we need to help people get to the camp site. There will be at least one shuttle with capacity of 12, and likely another with capacity 7, both in the range of 35$. Both shuttles will take people to the camp on Monday and then return them to the meetup hotel on Thursday. Exact times will be sent out soon. If you are interested in a shuttle please let us know by emailing us at or posting here. Irayo! Keep in mind that this shuttle is for the camping trip only. If you are planning on going on the backpacking portion, you must arrange your own transportation.

2012 Cosplay

The number of participants is up to a fantastic 22 people. Weather permitting, the official cosplay day will most likely take place on Saturday. Everyone is invited to take part if they are comfortable, even if it is something as simple as a labcoat or a military uniform. Discussion on the cosplay is here and here.


In order to push this event to the next level and make it something to never forget, we need to have some funds. Our goal is $2000, which comes down to $40 per person. This is assuming 50 people, so if we have a larger number of people attend, the overall number may need to be larger to accommodate everyone. The $40 per person should remain constant though. These funds go directly into the event, allowing us to rent out rooms for classes and meeting spaces, as well as to arrange for events, clan meal...ect. You do not need to donate right away, however the sooner the better as we are already getting events nailed down and paid for. Irayo to everyone that has already donated. For more info see here.
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