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Issue 2
February 15th, 2014


A chance of the lifetime!:  Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how James Cameron’s Avatar was created from the individuals behind the magic. Attendees will also get a chance to tour the production facility where the Avatar sequels will be created. This will be an amazing experience for any Avatar fan.
The AvatarMeet planning team is extremely grateful to Lightstorm for this incredible opportunity. One aspect that prospective attendees will need to be aware of is that they will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which is normal practice for such visits. Discussions are still taking place with Lightstorm to confirm the details of the visit. As they become finalized they will be communicated through the usual channels. This will be a 'txantsan' experience for us all.
So if you would like to attend AvatarMeet 2014 and have an Avatar experience of a lifetime, don't forget to sign up as soon as possible as we need to know the numbers of who will be attending. The final day to sign up is Friday, May 30th 2014.

AvatarMeet 2014 to visit Lightstorm Entertainment!

Yes, you read the heading correctly. Lightstorm Entertainment is opening their doors to AvatarMeet 2014 for one day only!  Find out more below and also further information regarding the pre-meet camping for those who want to take part.

Get Signed Up

So now you know.  AvatarMeet will be visiting Lightstorm.  If you are intending on coming to the meet up now is the time to register.  This will help us plan the event, finalize the hotel accommodation and details regarding the clan visit to Lightstorm.

NDA, not RDA!

Non-Disclosure Agreement: As you will have read, everyone will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement if they are to visit Lightstorm. Do not be alarmed; this is normal practice when visiting such venues. However, it cannot be overstressed the importance that the NDA has. To help with questions you will have we have created a 'FAQ' section, which you can access by clicking here

Anyone for Camping?

With another meet up on the horizon, the time has come to plan out the camping event for 2014!  We have looked at dozens of possible locations around Los Angeles and have narrowed it down to the 3 best locations.

We have done the basic research and provided multiple possible options, but we want you (the community) to help shape the camping at this meet up into an awesome event.

There are discussion threads posted on the community forums linked to below, for people to share their camping experiences, gear recommendations, carpooling information, and most importantly: discuss what kind of camping event they want to see at AvatarMeet 2014.  Let the planning begin.


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