You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 3
February 2017

Opening Date Set

If you've been in cryo for the past couple of weeks you may not have heard that an opening date for 'Pandora - The World of Avatar' has been announced.  It is May 27th 2017, just in time for memorial day and the start of summer.

No doubt there will be some kind of shock and awe opening ceremony that will make your mouth drop open!  So while you build yourself up for that, check out this
link to find out a bit more.

Free Comic Book Day

Put May 6th in your diaries as this is FREE comic book day.  It is also the launch day for Dark Horse Comics to launch the Avatar comic and it will be free on this day.

You can find out more about the event and your nearest comic store on
this website.  You can also read more information about the new Avatar comic here.

Its time to get excited again as the Avatar wagon starts to roll again.  'HELL YEAH!'

Time to Decide the Date for AvatarMeet 2017

Kaltxì ma frapo!  Well, as time flies by like an Ikran being chased by a Toruk, it is about time we started firming up some aspects for AvatarMeet 2017. The date is the biggest one.  Rather than the planning team try and decide the date for the meetup, we thought we would ask you attendees.  To get your input we have pulled together a little survey that is linked further down in this newsletter.  There are also a number of other aspects we would like your opinion on, which are covered below.

The Date
We have included a couple of questions regarding this.  Since there will be a lot of potential activities we can do, we are not sure if we can fit them all into the usual 3 full days that normally make up AvatarMeet.  So the first question is about if you would like to extend the meet up to a full fives day.

We have listed four possible dates for the meet up: the last two weeks in October and the first two weeks in November.  There are a number of aspects to consider with this since it will be Halloween time. We are also trying to avoid the last part of the hurricane season as well as fitting in with what the majority would like as a date.
Hotel or House?
The next question in the survey asks simply if you would prefer to stay in a hotel or rent a number of houses for the clan.  Before you decide here is some information regarding both of them. Here is a link for the neighborhood that looks to be the closest to Animal Kingdom: Windsor Hills Resort

On the hotel front, there are many to choose from which are in close proximity to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  The prices vary depending on where you stay.  This link takes you to a map with the hotel locations.
Other Activities
The last two questions in the survey concern other activities. These are related to camping and volunteering. In some of the previous meetups a number of the clan have gathered before the official start and have gone camping and gotten closer to nature. More recently we have also made volunteering at a local nature reserve part of the meet up as a way of continuing theme of Avatar. The survey simply asks if you would like to do them.

Here's the Survey
Well, enough talking.  Let's get down to business!  Here is the link to the survey.  Go press some buttons:
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