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¬ March 8, 2011


Avatar: The Exhibition


For those who have not had a chance to look into the details of the upcoming Avatar exhibit, or for those who want a summary of what will be awaiting us in Seattle, here is all of the current information.

(A sketch of the exhibit)  


From the press release:

‚€œThe exhibition is going to be a unique opportunity for people to learn more not only about how the film was made, but also experience Pandora in a much deeper way. Fans will be able to see in-person the workmanship behind the film, whether it‚€™s how scenes are captured; or how a Na‚€™vi costume was built first as a real world garment then produced digitally,‚€ said director James Cameron. ‚€œIt‚€™ll create a tactile reality that‚€™ll be a good companion to having seen the movie.‚€


What we know for sure is going to be there:

  • Over 50 artifacts including a full size AMP suit, Neytiri's 9 ft tall bow and full size Na'vi models
  • Interactive displays
  • Information about the filming process
  • Sketches
  • Concept models


The Full Press Release

EMPSFM - Avatar Exhibition

Video Interview


Airport To Hotel Transportation



(The Seattle Monorail)



Thanks to Alan and CyanRachel we have looked into several ways to get from the Sea/Tac Airport to the hotel. These options are listed in order of cost.


Light Rail/Monorail

  1. Take the light rail from the airport to the Westlake stop. Info
  2. Take the monorail from Westlake to the Science Fiction Museum. Info
  3. Walk a block or two to the Travelodge

This option would cost $6.50 total, $2.50 for the light rail and $4.00 for the monorail.


Seattle Shuttle

  • Reseve a pick-up by emailing info@seattleshuttle.net
  • Meet them at the airport and head to hotel

This option would cost $35 for first two people and $5 for each additional person. (NOTE: This is a local company with very nice drivers) Info



  • Find a taxi at airport and head to hotel

This option would cost $45-$50.


Roommate Needed! (June Meetup)




CyanRachel has booked a room with 2 double beds at the Travelodge and needs a roommate.


"If any tsmuke coming to Seattle needs a room at the Travelodge and wouldn't mind sharing, I'm a tsmuke who would welcome a roommate. I reserved a room with 2 double beds, though I have no roommate as of yet. If a tsmuke is interested in sharing my hotel room, she can email me at Angel91002@aol.com.



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