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Avatar Seattle Trip Newsletter

Important Information About the Avatar Seattle Meetups Being Planned

¬ March 29, 2011


Paul Frommer at the July 9th Meetup



Very exciting news, Paul Frommer, creater of the Na'vi Language, will be in Seattle on July 9th.


Quote from Payoang:

"Paul Frommer has just confirmed his attendance for the July 9th meetup. From 10:00 AM through 2:00 PM-ish, he's happy to be at the Museum with everyone else and for that to involve a group meeting of our community members. If that can't happen at the Museum, it will likely be some place close by that is free or as inexpensive as possible."


For full information visit the thread here.




July 9th "Roll Call"

¬ Calling Everyone Interested in the Adventure of a Lifetime!


The sign-up has been opened up on LearnNa'vi, for anyone interested in the July 9th Meetup. Everyone that is planning to attend or anyone who is even considering going should check out the thread and "sign on!" You should post your likelihood of going and how many people will be going with you.

July 9th Roll Call



T-Shirt Ideas



Some ideas about T-shirts for the Seattle trip have been discussed. The various designs talked about so far are listed below.


Pandora Blueskins Group Order!


Quote from Fiyerwall:

"Ok, here is ALL of the info you will need to order a Blueskins shirt from Miss Tammy if you should so desire:

In your PM to her be sure to include:


These shirts are NOT pre-shrunk so you should order one at least a size larger than you normally wear so when it does shrink you won't be stuck with a too-small shirt.
Payments are Paypal only and she will need your info and payment no later than this upcoming Wednesday so she can go ahead and order them."

Pandora Blueskins Shirts

Tvonlinestore - Avatar shirts on sale for $5.95

Tree of Souls shirts - (still in progress)

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