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Important Information About the Avatar Seattle Meetups Being Planned

¬ April 6, 2011


The Suggested Itineraries Are Here!



Thanks to Alan, who put a lot of time and research into our trip to Seattle, we now have 5 suggested itineraries. Each one includes a map, the places to go to along the way and all sorts of other useful information. These are completely optional of course, but feel free to discuss them with other people going and maybe find people who want to go to the same place you do on a specific day. These will also be posted on all of the participating forums shortly.


Here is all of the information directly from Alan:


Transport Information:


Seattle is a big place! Consequently, we are going to need transport of one form or another, whether this is from the airport or to get around Seattle. To help with this an information sheet have been drawn up with hopefully all the necessary information on how to get around Seattle. To be honest, getting around should be pretty easy as its public transport system appears to be world class! The information sheet gives a summary of the main forms of transport as well as arriving in Seattle. There are also links to two bus route maps and the Metro Transit system website. Follow the link below to download the PDF:



Things to know about Seattle:


The majority of us will be new to Seattle and the phrase "When in Rome do as the Romans do" springs to mind. So to help with this a quick fact sheet have been produced with hopefully usefull hints and tips to help us blend in. Follow the link below to download your PDF guide:



Survey Results, So Far...


You may recall that in order to find out what people would like to do at the Seattle meet-up we decided to pull together a survey. Well this is just to give a heads up on the results so far. If you click on the link below it will take you to a PDF summary sheet for your interest. Hopefully it will help in the planning of the clan activities for both meet- ups.



Suggested Itineraries:


With the information gleaned from the survey it was decided to draw up some suggested itineraries for the Seattle meet-up. At the end of the day there is no point just turning up there and not have an idea of how to spend our time together. So a total of five itineraries have been pulled together. Please note these are only suggestions and everyone is perfectly at liberty to do whatever they wish. They are only there to give some ideas.
These have been pulled together based on the survey results and also to take in the venues covered by the Seattle CityPass (http://www.citypass.com/seattle) and more! Below is a list of the five PDF itineraries to dowonload:


1. Pike Place, Aquarium and Shore Line

2. Pioneer Square and International District

3. Pacific Science Centre, Kerry Point and Queen Anne Avenue

4. Woodland Park Zoo Adventure

5. Washington Park Arboretum and Broadway





More Info for July 9th

¬ Things you need to do, if you are interested in coming:


Anyone interested in joining the July 9th group should do these things:


1. Post in the "Roll Call" thread, your probablilty of going and how many people might be going with you.

July 9th Roll Call

2. PM, Txona Rolyu your arrival and departure dates/times if known.


3. Place your vote in the poll in the "Roll Call" Thread about whether you would prefer just a museum ticket or the CityPass.

4. Check for updates in the Seattle Meetup board often.



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