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Avatar Seattle Trip Newsletter

Important Information About the Avatar Seattle Meetups Being Planned

¬ April 24, 2011


Order Your June 4th Name Tag



A lot of effort has been put into designing a name tag for the June 4th meetup by several people. This is the final design. I will place the order a few weeks before June 4th, so everyone needs to order one by that time.



1. Send your username and where you live to me (Aketuan) via PM on the various forums or to ikrannews@gmail.com. Make sure and include Country, State and City (Or approximate regions for people outside US)

2. Arrive in Seattle and get name tags from Aketuan. The price is $5 for each name tag. (Can be paid in person on June 4th)



-Professionally digitally printed on hard plastic

-2" x 3"

-Pin on back





Tree of Souls and Seattle Meetup T-Shirts

¬ Thanks to Payoang, we now have Tree of Souls T-Shirts and soon, Seattle Meetup T-Shirts!



These awesome T-Shirts are avaliable on LearnNavi here. The cost is $15.99 and shipping is free if you are planning on going to Seattle on June 4th or July 9th.


Book Your Rooms Soon!


Quote from Alan:


Avatar Exhibit Fan Meet-Up - June 4th - It's getting close...

For anyone still thinking of joining us in Seattle over the weekend on

June 4th, time is running out to guarantee a room in the Travelodge, where we are all staying together. We have managed to reserve 10 rooms. However, May 2nd is the cut off day for the rooms to be held for us. After that date any unreserved rooms will be released for general booking and may get snapped up quickly. The hotel is five minutes from the Science Fiction Museum where the Avatar Exhibition is being held. Previous opening weekends for exhibits at the Science Fiction Museum have seen attendance from people connected with the subject. Who knows who might be in attendance for the opening of the Avatar Exhibit!


So if you wish to join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity to share in an Avatar experience with fellow fans and meet face to face at last, then come and join us. To book a room at the Travelodge simply ring them up on 206-441-7878 or email them on GuestServices@TravelodgeSeattleCenter.com. Remember to mention it is part of the Avatar Fan Community Booking and state your arrival and departure dates, including whether you need one double bed or two double beds, if sharing a room.


To book a ticket for the Avatar Exhibit itself at the Science Fiction Museum visit their website to get your 'e-ticket' for the event, and don't forget to bring it along! Their website is: http://www.empsfm.org/index.asp and More information on the exhibit can be found here


Some of us are staying extra days and intend exploring Seattle together. A number of suggested itineraries have been put together to help with this. Links for these can be found in the last issue of the newsletter. Link here


Restaurant Map


Thanks to Alan, we now have a full restaurant map, so feel free to look it over and find a place you want to go to!

Restaurant Map

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