You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 4
April 2017 Updated

The website for AvatarMeet has been updated with a new tab for AM17.  More information will be added over time as details get confirmed.  You can access the website here.
The roll call for those interested in attending has been added for you to update your details.  You can access the roll call

More news from Disney

As it gets closer to the opening of Disney's Pandora - The World of Avatar there have been numerous press releases and we have collected a number below for you:

Disney's Page
WDWMagic Pandora Page
Hello Magazine Website
Hollywood Reporter
Attractions Magazine

Message Boards Up

Message boards have been opened up on the LearnNavi and Tree of Souls forums for you to post and also get up to date news about the meet up, besides this newsletter.  Below are links to the message boards:

Tree of Souls

Free Comic Book Day

Just a reminder to put May 6th in your diaries as this is FREE comic book day!  It is also the launch day for Dark Horse Comics to launch the Avatar comic and it will be free on this day.

You can find out more about the event and your nearest comic store on
this website.  You can also read more information about the new Avatar comic here.

Its time to get excited again as the Avatar wagon starts to roll again.  'HELL YEAH!'

AvatarMeet 2017: Return to Pandora

Time waits for no Na'vi and its about time we got the show on the road.  In this issue we report on the interesting results from the survey.  This has enabled us to choose a date for the meet up which you we find out below, but if you cant wait that long click here.  We also have the results from the vote on the tag line for this year's meet up and a new competition to design the meet up T-shirt.  All the information is below:

Results from the Survey
Many thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey.  This has given us a good stear for the meet up.
Q1: Since there are so many other potential activities, including spending as much time on Pandora as possible, what do you think about starting the meetup on Monday instead of Wednesday?
Yes, the more the merrier:   11   55%
Nah, if people want to do more they can arrive earlier or stay later:                             3    15%
No preference:                     6    30%
Conclusion:  The meet up will run from Monday through to Sunday

Q2:  Given your answer above, during which week would you like the meet up to be?
WC October 23rd:               5     29%
WC October 30th:               3     18%
WC November 6th:              6     35%
WC November 13th:            3     18%
Conclusion: This was a close one, but the meet up will start on Monday November 6th 2017.  So make a date for your diaries.

Q3: After reviewing the house and hotel information, where would you prefer to stay for the 2017 meetup?.
Rented House:                    9     45%
Hotel:                                  11    55%
Conclusion:  Well, it appears that the hotel has it.  However, due to the relatively close count on this and to get the best deal the planning team like to keep both irons in the fire at the moment, but the preference for a hotel will be taken into account.

Q4: Are you interested in a camping event for the 2017 meetup?
Yes:                                     6    30%
No:                                      10   50%
No preference                      4    20%
Conclusion:  Although camping will not be a main feature of the meet up, this has helped gauge interest and a camping thread will probably be opened up for those who want to do that.

Q4: Would you like to participate in volunteering/giving back activity for the 2017 meetup?
Yes:                                     14   70%
No:                                        2   10%
No preference                       4   20%
Conclusion:  There is a gratifying and clear support to continue undertaking a volunteering activity and a couple of local possibilities have already been identified.

Tag Line Voting Results:
Irayo nìtxan to everyone who put forward suggestions for the meet up tag line, there was quite a number.  If you have not seen it already the tagline for AvatarMeet 2017 is:


AM17 T-Shirt Competition:
We are opening up the design of the meet up T-Shirt to a competition.  So if you think you have an idea that would symbolize our Return to Pandora you now have the opportunity to exercise your creative muscles.  We are open to different color T-shirts, which previously always had black fabric. We'll be printing these through custom ink, same as previous years.

Our t-shirt vendor has several dozen fabric colors available, which can be found
here.  The extended fabric color pallet is available since our order will be more than 6.Remember to keep the ink colors to 3 or less, keeping in mind the fabric color can be used as a 4th if you get creative. Either vector graphics, or at least 300dpi resolution for printing.

To enter, simply respond to one of the contest threads on, or with your design before July 1st. So get creative and come up with something to 'wow' the people who will see us.
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