You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 5
May 14th, 2014


The required meetup fee is $40: We work hard to keep costs down, so we're able to pull of such a fun event for everyone for a measly $40 for the whole weekend! But that only works when everyone chips in. (Some people also chip in a little more, which always helps with the inevitable surprises.) Please donate your part now before we have to send our RDA dropout goons to pester you to cover your portion.

T-shirt contest reminder!

As we mentioned in the last newsletter, we're holding a competition to design the T-shirt for AvatarMeet 2014! Check out one of the contest threads below for details! Voting will commence soon, so get your entry in soon!


Summer is right around the corner, and so is our 2014 camping trip! We are putting together the last few details about the camping trip and should have those available in the next few weeks. We will be providing all of the camp meals, as well as some awesome camp activities and exploration. Please keep your profile up to date so we can plan accordingly. If you need a ride to the campsite check the Roll Call and see who might have an extra seat (or offer up an extra seat to someone that needs one). If you have any questions about the camping, post in one of the camping threads or email Aketuan.    

Camping details here.

Are you ready for AvatarMeet 2014?

With less than 6 weeks to go, its getting oh so close to the clan meet up. Are you getting excited? We are! There are a number of important things to complete for those attending AvatarMeet 2014 before the deadline of May 29th!

If you are not registered to attend yet, now is the last chance to do so by updating your profile at

Sign the NDA today!

The Non-Disclosure Agreement is mandatory for everyone visiting Lightstorm Entertainment! To help things run smoothly, our friends at Lightstorm have asked us to collect the NDAs for everyone attending in advance. It's a simple process to download, print, and sign the NDA, then return it via email to the planning team to forward to Lightstorm.

If you have any questions (or trouble), please don't hesitate to ask a planning team member.

And if for some reason you aren't joining us at Lightstorm, please email so we can have an accurate numbers count.

If we haven't heard from you by May 29th; we (and Lightstorm) will assume that you won't be visiting the studio.

Download the NDA and & the full instructions here!

Event Calendar

It's starting to come together: We've confirmed the schedule on a few key events. The Lightstorm visit will be on Thursday the 10th, and the Na'vi lesson with Karyu Pawl will be on the morning of Saturday the 12th.

The camping schedule is also posted.

Check out the full Event Calendar here.

Stay & go

Hotel space is limited! Our agreement with the hotel hold holds a set number of rooms until May 29. So if you haven't yet booked your hotel room or found a room mate, now is the time. Hotel payment isn't until check out, so get that room confirmed now!

We're hoping the clan can be self sufficient by car-pooling to get around. So please update your profile to let us know if you need a ride, have a ride, or have a vehicle with space for fellow clan members to get from the hotel to events in LA. If you need a ride, the Roll Call lists who has open space in their vehicles. Get in touch and secure a seat (and then both update your profiles so we know where we stand). If you're a passenger in someone's car, it's polite to be prepared to help with a few bucks for gas.

Check list

You've made it through the newsletter! Now here's the checklist of items to complete before May 29 if you're coming:
  • Register to attend
  • Donate
  • Sign & return the NDA
  • Book your hotel
  • Update ground transport status
  • Camping status?
Your Profile at has a handy checklist. Go check it now! We'll see you in LA soon!
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