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You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
AvatarMeet Newsletter
May 15th, 2012

Video: Cosplay at AvatarMeet

Thinking about going blue for AvatarMeet 2012? Or perhaps RDA tech, or a lab-coat is more your style? Either way; check out this AvatarMeet featurette video:

T-Shirt Design

We are planning on producing t-shirts for the meetup, and we would like you to help design the shirt. 
Information and discussion is taking place here and here.

Donations Update!

We've got some great news: We've reached our original fundraising goal of $2000 for the meetup! But that was based on an estimated attendance of 50 people. As the current count is approaching 70, we have decided to increase the "goal" to $3000 to help pay for the meal and other expenses for the pleasantly larger group. So if you haven't donated your share yet, please do so when you get a chance so we can have plenty of Teylu for everyone! More info can be found here.

Time is Running Out To Book Your Hotel Room!

As of May 15th there are only 21 more days to book your hotel room for AvatarMeet 2012! Of the 68 people currently signed up to attend AvatarMeet 2012, only about half have booked their hotel room or travel arrangements. Only 20 have indicated in their profile they have done both. If you haven't booked your hotel room yet, you should do that now. The booking window closes June 5th, which is just a couple of weeks away! And if you have booked, be sure to update your profile. We are about to lock in some reservations for event spaces, and knowing how many people are attending is critical to make sure we have space for everyone. If plans have changed and you can't attend something you've signed up for, please indicate that in you profile also to prevent us paying for more than we need to.

Cosplay Painter!

Candace (tsmuketsamsiyu on the forum) has very generously offered her airbrushing skills to help paint anyone wishing to "go blue" at AvatarMeet 2012. She is donating paint for free, and asking that people help her by donating to the Retinoblastoma Organization. She needs to know how many are interested in her offer, so contact her and check out here or here for details.

New Profile Options

We've added some new options to your profile on If you are local to the Seattle area and don't have to arrange long distance travel or won't be staying at the event hotel (or will be staying elsewhere in Seattle); you can now indicate you are local and thereby confirm your attendance by choosing the "I'm Local" options in the respective fields. We also have a place in your profile to sign up for the Na'vi Lesson. This is a good time to also check your profile is up to date over all so we can get a final gauge on numbers as we book spaces for the group. There's still space at the group campsite and on the shuttle to the camping also. So log-in and update your profile today!
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