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¬ June 1, 2011


June 4th is Just Around the Corner!



Well after many months of planning and a huge group effort to make it happen, June 4th is upon us. The final count is 18 people from 3 different countries. Irayo to everyone that has contributed in any way! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get ready to leave:


1. Alan has created some possible itineraries listed below. Feel free to explore any of these options with a group, but keep in mind that they are just suggested and you don't have to do them if you have something else in mind.


2. There are two planned times for all-group meetups. One is the Science Fiction Museum on Saturday June 4th, arriving around 12:00 (details to be decided in Seattle). The other is dinner at the Palisade on Sunday June 5th at 4:45. There will be a shuttle leaving the hotel sometime around 4:00 (details to be given) which will cost a little over $20 for each person round trip.


3. The contact/emergency list of phone numbers (a few added) will be sent out via email. Please do not post these numbers on any public forum.


4. I (Aketuan), will have the name-tags with me 24/7. If you ordered one, simply ask and I'll give it to you wherever we happen to be at the time. Similarly, see Payoang for ToS shirts and MissTammie for Blueskins shirts.


5. If you take any pictures/videos, please take the time to upload them to a server so that everyone can have access to all of the media from the event. (details are being worked out now)


6. And lastly...have fun! See you all there!



1. Pike Place, Aquarium and Shore Line

2. Pioneer Square and International District

3. Pacific Science Centre, Kerry Point and Queen Anne Avenue

4. Woodland Park Zoo Adventure

5. Washington Park Arboretum and Broadway



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