You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 9
June 10th, 2016

Get into Toruk

You can be part of the experience and dive into the world of Pandora with the TORUK – The First Flight app.  There are versions for both iPhone and Android where you can discover what it’s like to become part of the show, and access never-seen-before backstage photos and videos.

Visit the
TORUK – The First Flight website where there are links to interactive stuff and also the smart phone app.

Have you updated your profile? 

If you haven't yet, visit the Roll Call list at to update your status.  Keeping your profile up to date allows the planning team to have accurate data for attendance-dependant planning, like how many tickets we need for shows and other things involving accurate numbers.  Irayo! 

Kämakto ko! 

Ohhh...we are so very nearly there at long last!  With less than a couple of weeks to go, we would like to give you one last newsletter with a rundown of the meet up that we have been able to plan.  In this issue you will find information about one or two planned events, the T-Shirt status, Karyu Pawl's Na'vi Lesson and more...

Planned Events

Although this meet up has had its trials and tribulations, your AvatarMeet Planning Team has tried to pull together a light program of events for us all to enjoy.  As you will see from the event schedule below, there will be time to explore Pittsburgh. To help with this, a Meet-up Survival Guide (MSG) has been prepared.  Inside it contains not only information about Pittsburgh, but also an overview of the public transport system, information on local restaurants, a brief history on Cirque du Soleil and an overview of Toruk - The First Flight.  Web links are provided for just about every aspect, along with QR codes for you to access further information by using your smart phone.  Each attendee will get their own copy at the meet up, but you can download your own PDF version before the meet up:
Event Schedule:
Wednesday June 22nd - Kaltxì Day 1:

Arrival day for some.
Thursday June 23rd - Kaltxì Day 2 and Avatar :
Arrival day for the remainder of the clan
6:30 pm - Meet and mingle evening.  Light snacks provided, drinks available from hotel bar.
7:30 pm - We will have a showing of Avatar.

Friday June 24th - Pittsburgh Explore:
Explore Pittsburgh day - We can decide exactly what we would like to do together or in smaller groups online prior to the event, or at the meet and mingle evening.
Saturday June 25th - Avatar - FULL ON!:
10:00 am 12:00 pm - Na'vi class with Karyu Paul
12:00 pm onwards - Paint Pittsburgh blue!
4:00 pm Om, yom, yom at the clan meal
7:00 pm gather at the CONSOL Stadium ready for TORUK - The First Flight
Post Show - VIP visit behind the scenes of the show and meet the performers

Sunday June 26th Kiyevame ulte Ewya ngahu day:
Departure day for our kelutral.

As ever, please note that any of the above is subject to change. Some things just may be beyond our control. 

Toruk Na'vi Class
We are again very grateful to Karyu Pawl who will be giving us another 'txantsan' Na'vi lesson.  This time though, he will explore the language used in Toruk - The First Flight.  As you will expect, there will be one or two spoilers.  However, it will not diminish the amazing spectacle of the show and will help us immerse ourselves even more into the story.

If you would like to refresh your Na'vi, visit the 
LearnNa'vi YouTube Channel where you will find previous lessons for you to view.

Keep Your Shirt On!
Irayo nìtxan to everyone who ordered the AvatarMeet T-shirts.  A total of 35 T-shirts have been ordered and are being printed as we speak.  These will be brought to the meet-up courtesy of Fiyerwall, where attendees will be able to to pick them up.  For anyone not attending who ordered shirts, they will be forwarded on by Sarah post-meet-up.

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