You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 4
June 18th, 2013

Karyu Pawl

Na'vi Lessons:
We are very excited to announce that linguist Professor Paul Frommer, creator of the Na'vi language, will be joining us again for AvatarMeet 2013!

Details are still being firmed up but it is hoped to have a class 102 to build upon the class 101 that Dr Frommer gave at AvatarMeet 2012.

If you were unable to attend the lessons last year or would like to refresh you memory you can view the lessons on Dr Frommer's Naviteri website here which contain a link to the hand out and additional audio recordings.

Car Pooling

Would you be willing to take passengers?:
With the campsite being remote from any public transportation and a number of attendees not having their own transport to the campsite, we would like to inquire if those of you with vehicles would be willing to take passengers and their bags?

Nine out of the 24 indicated as attending the event have listed themselves as owning or renting a car for the meet up.  Six none drivers have indicated they have a ride.

So it is hoped that the remaining nine attendees will be able to ride in the remaining available seats to and from Washington DC. If you have a car with space, please let the planning team know when and where you're coming from by editing the comments/notes field in your profile.  More information regarding this is located in the Attendee Info section of


Apologies for the lack of news in recent months regarding the meet up details. The planning team, of which there are four of us this time, have found ourselves more busy with life over the past couple of months than expected. However, as you will see in this newsletter we are able to fill in more details for you.

Website Update
The website has recently been updated with the following information:
  • Cost estimates for the event.
  • Travel information
  • Campsite/Lodging information.
  • Equipment/item list for camping/hiking.

Camping Lodges

Lodging details:
Big Meadows Lodge offers a variety of lodging options ranging from Rustic Cabins to lodge rooms and suites. The planning team have organized a group discount for those wish to chose more creature comforts rather than camping out.  Information on the room options, costs and how to book your room can be found on the Attendee Information page here.

Please note that you need to book your room by Tuesday June 25th.  After this date it cannot be guaranteed that you will be able to get a room as they will be released to the public, on a first come basis.

Cave visit

Luray Caverns:
It is intended that one of the days of the meet up will be a visit to the caverns at Luray.  Located 30 miles from the campsite it was discovered way back in 1878 by a tinsmith.  Today it is one of the most popular cave complexes in Eastern America.  It even bosts a stalacpipe organ!  Entry is $24 each, but if we can muster 20 of us this drops to $15.50 each.

To find out more information about the attraction and what there is to see click here.

Event Program

Pre-meet and in Shenandoah:
So what are we going to be doing in DC and Shenandoah?  Good Question.  Well the intent is that the Pre-meet and very informal.  People can explore as they wish.  However, for those who would like to do things as a group the planning team have pulled together a suggested itinerary that takes in Avatar related themes.  These include the Space and Flight Museum, Museum of the Native American and Washington Zoo.

For the actual meet up there are a number of activities planned.  These include Na'vi Lessons, for which we are most grateful to Dr Paul Frommer, visiting a local cave attraction, exploring the local area on foot and in cosplay.  You we see further information about some of these in this newsletter.  We also have a event calender page with more information.

Camping Kit

What do I need to bring?:
We have pulled together a suggested list of camping kit to help you plan what you might need to bring.  The list is not exhaustive....although creating it was! Click here to take you to the page.
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