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Important Information About the Avatar Seattle Meetups Being Planned

¬ June 25, 2011


July 9th Meetup Contact List:

Send in your info ASAP



Just like the June 4th meetup, we are creating a contact list for the July meetup. This involves sending in your email/phone number and your preference on how to be contacted. This list will help keep people in touch, organize the event, in case of emergency or if someone gets separated from the group. This list WILL NOT be published anywhere public, but will be sent out via separate email to all newsletter subscribers. Please do not post any of this information online publicly.


To send in your info:

either PM Zefanaya or email to ikrannews@gmail.com


Please include your username, phone number and email address.


Activities at the SFM on July 9th


The Science Fiction Museum (Patricia Costa Kim - EMP/SF Museum, Education Director) has let us know that on July 9th, there will be activities going on such as:

-button making

-face painting

-drumming circles

-drawing yourself as a Na‚€™vi caricature


These are the same events hosted at the June 4th opening of the exhibit, and are certainly worth going to.


2012 Meetup is being planned...



¬ More info to be announced. Look for information in future newsletters.

Questions? email Aketuan at ikrannews@gmail.com

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