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July 6th, 2012

Video: Na'vi Lessons

Are you thinking about joining in the Na'vi lessons on Sunday? Check out this short featurette for more information. The Na'vi lessons will be taught by several members of the commuity as well as Paul Frommer at the learning labs at the EMP on Sunday at 3:00 PM. Be sure to sign up on your profile if you don't want to miss out on the fun!

Shuttle, Last Call

This is the last call for anyone going on the camping trip from 16th July to 19th July and needing a shuttle from Sea-Tac airport to the Sol Duc campsite and then to Seattle.  The shuttle will leave at 16:00 from the airport on the Monday and from Sol Duc at 10:00 heading for the Meet Up in Seattle.  The cost is $30 each way and all you have to do is update your profile at


Welcome Event!

AvatarMeet Officially opens on the Thursday event with a welcome event.  The welcome event will start at 6 PM sharp in the Whidbey/Shaw room, Feel free to come on down earlier if you wish to hang out. This will give you a run down of the events over the weekend as well as an opportunity to meet and mingle. 

AvatarMeet 2012 Final Checklist

With AvatarMeet proper less than 2 weeks away, and  many arriving in the Seattle area already next week for the camping trip; here's a list of 7 critical things you need to get done if you already haven't!

1) If you haven't booked your travel yet; now is pretty much your last chance.
2) If you haven't booked your hotel room yet, call the hotel ASAP and make your reservation, once the rooms are gone, they are gone.
3) Order your T-shirt. See the note below, and make sure your shirt is ordered. We will be placing the order for the shirts to the printer THIS weekend. So get you order in right now.
4) EMP tickets are on sale now. You can buy at the door, but we strongly recommend buying online if you can. 
5) Last call for the shuttle bus to the campsite. We need your names for the list, so sign up now if you haven't.
6) Space in the Na'vi lessons is limited, so sign up today and reserve you spot, or let us know if you aren't interested so we can have a more accurate count.
7) CRITICAL: Finally, update your profile on - We can't stress this enough, but of the 67 people who indicate they are attending, only 42 indicate they have booked both their hotel and travel. Based on this, we only have the clan meal reserved for 50 people right now. If we don't know you're coming, we can't have space reserved for you at the meetup. A number of people also still haven't told us what they want printed on their name badge, so double-check that field also.

While you're updating your profile, note that you can now also chose to share your phone number with other attendees if you like. Handy to letting your aysmuk get hold of you in seattle!

These are all very important things to check to make sure you are all ready for AvatarMeet 2012 (which is why we've sent this email out to everyone listed as attending, whether you are signed up for the newsletter or not); so double check your tickets, and then update your information and lesson, shuttle and t-shirt orders!

EMP Tickets On Sale Now

We have secured a fantastic deal with the EMP museum for group tickets for AvatarMeet 2012. Access to the EMP Museum, Na'vi Lessons, Meet the Producer event with Jon Landau, and our very own private screening of Avatar in the JBL Theater; all for just $30!

EMP tickets are on sale now HERE!

Avatar Fan Film

With the coming AvatarMeet 2012 in Seattle only a few weeks away the opportunity to do another Avatar fan film is just too good to pass up. The theme of this fan film is: 'Now we will send them a message.' The intent is to create a fan film that we can send to the creators of Avatar to give them some encouragement for the next film and show them our appreciation. An 'Irayo' if you will, for bringing Avatar to us. This will also act as a wonderful record of this time in all our lives to look back on.  More information can be found at

T-shirt Orders!

Our awesome official AvatarMeet 2012 T-shirt, designed by Prrton, is now available for order. Shirts will be $7.25 each for most sizes (XL and larger will be a little more [TBD]). This will be an extremely limited one time only run of the shirts exclusively for AvatarMeet 2012 and we have to order soon to get the shirts in time for the meetup, so order today!

Shirts will be hand delivered to you at AvatarMeet. Order today by telling us your size and how many shirts you like in the appropriate new fields in your profile.
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