You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 7
July 31st, 2014

NDA Clarifications

Stay the right side of the NDA: Everyone has been doing a fantastic job of keeping discussion online appropriate, it's good to see that the community is as respectful as we expected.

All attendees should have received an email detailing what photos they are able to share on-line. If you missed this important information, just email for the update.

Remember it is so important that we abide by the NDA that we have all signed. Similar activities in the future depend on us maintaining that trust.

Banner Image

Your copy of the banner: You will be aware, as an irayo from the Avatar community, we gave Lightstorm a banner incorporating as many of us Avatar fans as we have meet up photos of as possible..

The banner, which measured three foot by six foot, was presented during our visit to their studio. Two banners were provided: one for Los Angeles base and one for their New Zealand studio.

Now you can have your own electronic copy to keep. Simply click on the LINK.

Irayo nìtxan ma Frapo!

Before AvatarMeet 2014 becomes too much of a memory, here is the last of the newsletters regarding the event.

Firstly a massive thanks to Lightstorm Entertainment who opened their doors to us. This was the first time a studio has invited a fan base 'inside' and reflects the trust that they have placed in the Avatar community and also how we all conducted ourselves. Irayo everyone!

Also irayo nìtxan to Karyu Pawl and John who opened up there home to us during the event and made everyone so welcome. It was an amazing evening with great food and a Na'vi refresher to boot.

Irayo also to everyone who came and helped make AvatarMeet a wonderful 'clan gathering' for 2014.

In this last AvatarMeet 2014 Newsletter you will find links to photos from the event, a request for your feedback and a link to download a smaller copy of the clan photo banner image that was given to Lightstorm.

From the AvatarMeet Planning Team; Eywa ngahu frakrr.

Photos & Videos

Share your photos: It is great to see all the photos that everyone took during AvatarMeet 2014! As you will see many of these are posted about the forums. In addition has a gallery page where links are being added to act as a central reference for the future. You can click back across the years and see archived photos from the 2013, 2012, and the 2011 events.

As usual as much of the event was videoed as possible. A proportion of the material has had to be sent to interested parties for review. Once this is done, the event videos will be edited and released on the forums so everyone can share in the adventure that was AvatarMeet 2014. Do be patient though as it will take some time to edit, but work has started...

Your Views

Well, what do you think?: This is a great opportunity to provide some feedback to the planning team. To help capture your thoughts we have produced a survey so everyone can quickly give us some good usable intel. We are sure there will be areas for improvement for the next meetup, so let us know! Simply click on the link below and it will take you to the survey.  CLICK HERE. Irayo.

Birthday Irayo

Jon's Birthday Card: For those who went to the meet up there was a birthday card for everyone to sign for Jon Landau. Well, he got the card a week early due to a vacation. He thanks everyone for the card and for being such awesome guests during AvatarMeet!
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