You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 6
October 2017 Updated

We urge everyone going to update their profile to help us confirm the numbers attending as well as help us plan and finalize the events .  You can access the roll call here.

The website for AvatarMeet has been updated to include travel and schedule information. You can access the Attendee Info page here.

More news from Disney

As it gets closer to the opening of Disney's Pandora - The World of Avatar there have been numerous press releases and we have collected a number below for you:

Disney's Page
WDWMagic Pandora Page
Hello Magazine Website
Hollywood Reporter
Attractions Magazine

Message Boards Up

Message boards have been opened up on the LearnNavi and Tree of Souls forums for you to post and also get up to date news about the meet up, besides this newsletter.  Below are links to the message boards:

Tree of Souls
Avatar Filming Underway
New Na'vi on the block: If you have been in cryo for the past few weeks, you might not be aware that filming....or rather performance capture has started on the Avatar sequels.  By the looks of things this one is going to include the influx of a fair few young people to will take on the rolls of Jake and Neytiri's children and other young clan members and one human born on Pandora.  If you would like to read more about the new arrivals check out the LA Times article here.

Avatar Fans' Message to Jim and the Crew

Fan Message Video: Just prior to the start of filming the sequels a number of fans pooled together their thoughts and well wishes to the cast and crew in the form of a message video.  You can view the finished video here.

AvatarMeet 2017: Travel, Schedule and T-Shirts

As AvatarMeet looms ever closer we are seeing the effects of hurricane season on the region with some of our clan affected.  For those would like to help those affected, who might not be able to physically help, visit to find out more.

For the moment we continue to plan for AvatarMeet 2017 and our attention turns to, travel information, event schedule and budgeting for your meet up.  But before we get into those here are a few reminders:

Accommodation and Update Your Profile

There is still just time to book your room at the hotel, which with be the Comfort Inn, but please hurry!   To find out how to book your room and other details about the hotel, check out

The website to the hotel can be viewed here.  A map showing the location of the hotel relative to Animal Kingdom can be accessed here.

Once you have booked your room, please remember to update your profile on so that we know how many people are coming.  This essential so that the planning team can make arrangements for various visits and group activities.

We have pooled together all the information covering transport options...other than using an ikran!  The information covers information on bus, and car options for traveling between Orlando Airport and the hotel.  Information is also include for any who will be arriving be train.  To view the information we have pooled together visit Attendee Information page

Outline Program of Events:
The planning team are finalizing the events program for what will be one of the longest meet ups we have had.  So here is the plan:

Mon Nov 6th - Arrival day. 
Tues Nov 7th - Animal Kingdom (Early Special Event).
Wed Nov 8th - A day at the Kennedy Space Center.
Thurs Nov 9th - Free day for everyone to do as you wish.
Fri Nov 10th - Re-visit Animal Kingdom.
Sat Nov 11th - Habitat restoration at local park.
Sun Nov 12th - Climb aboard Ikran home.

For the first full day of the meet up, Disney will be hosting an early morning breakfast at Pandora for us!  The schedule will be as follows:

07:45 - Arrival at Animal Kingdom
08:15 - First in line on one the of the Pandora rides
08:45 - Breakfast and presentations by Walt Disney Imagineers
10:00 - Breakfast ends and we get to enjoy the rest of the day in Pandora and Animal Kingdom.

Budgeting for the meet up
Your AvatarMeet planning team have tried their best to see if we could get discount tickets to Disney, unfortunately this has come to naught.  Consequently, for the time of year we are going, tickets to visit the Disney parks are in the region of $99 to $107 per person, per day.  There are other options and combinations of tickets available and more information can be found here.

In addition, we will be visiting the
Kennedy Space Center which is about an hour away from where we are staying.  Ticket prices for here are $50 for the day and more information on them is available here.

Remember we will be car sharing so make sure you have a ride and also make sure you give a few dollars to the drivers for parking, gas money and to help offset rental charges.

Coming up in the next issue....
We will be sharing details on the meet up T-Shirts and how you can order yours in time for the event.

Also, with Avatar having a strong environmental awareness theme, we continue to pick up on our responsibilities and will be taking part in some habitat restoration at a local park.  Details of which will be included in the next newsletter.  Until then Eywa ngahu.
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