You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 7
October 2017 Updated

We urge everyone going to update their profile to help us confirm the numbers attending as well as help us plan and finalize the events .  You can access the roll call here.

The website for AvatarMeet has been updated to include travel and schedule information. You can access the Attendee Info page here.

More news from Disney

As it gets closer to the opening of Disney's Pandora - The World of Avatar there have been numerous press releases and we have collected a number below for you:

Disney's Page
WDWMagic Pandora Page
Hello Magazine Website
Hollywood Reporter
Attractions Magazine

Message Boards Up

Message boards have been opened up on the LearnNavi and Tree of Souls forums for you to post and also get up to date news about the meet up, besides this newsletter.  Below are links to the message boards:

Tree of Souls

AvatarMeet 2017: T-Shirts, Volunteering and More

With only a short time to go before the clan gathers once again, this issue provides information about the meet up T-Shirts and how you can order yours.  Also details are included about the volunteering activity that we will be doing in a local park.  We have also included a little guidance for those booking tickets for Disney and the Kennedy Space Center.

Meet Up T-Shirt

With AvatarMeet just around the corner, it's time to order your t-shirts. We're happy to announce a choice of fabric colors this year; classic black is still in the mix of course, but if you wanted to switch it up we have some blues and grey now.

How can you order a shirt?
By going
here, then following the instructions for choosing and purchasing a shirt.  Be sure to select the correct size as there are ladies and gents T-shirts listed.

How much are they?
Shirts will be around $20, same as last year, with larger shirts being a few dollars more.

When should you order it by?
Orders need to be in by October 21th, 2017.

Where can you pick it up?
At AvatarMeet in Orlando! If you can't make it to Orlando but still want a shirt, contact Sarah Noel at or via facebook, to discuss options.

Habitat Restoration
The volunteer day is Saturday the 11th November where we will be visiting the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve which is located here.  This will be similar to the previous volunteering work we have undertaken previously.

Here are some guidelines:
Bring a hat, close-toed shoes, bug spray, sunblock, water bottle and work gloves. They have some gloves they can lend us, but it would be beneficial if we could bring our own. There are several shopping centers nearby so we can pick up anything we might need.

The schedule:
Arrive between 8am and 8:15 am
Orientation between 8:15am and 8:30am
Work 8:30am to 10:45am
Clean up 10:45am to 11am

Afterwards we can enjoy a stroll through the park and take in a bit of nature.

This meet up we will be taking in a number of visits to Disney as well as visiting the Kennedy Space Center and of course this means you will be needing to buy your tickets.  Many of you already have done so, but for those still looking to take the plunge into the Disney and Kennedy Space Center websites here is a bit of guidance:

This is the
link to get you tickets from the Disney website.  Select the number of days you will intend going and follow the purchasing process.  Note you will need to create a log-in as part of that.  Once you have been 'relieved' of your money you will get an email containing a bar code.  Print this off and bring it with you to show at the gate.  You will also need to show the original credit card used during the purchase and a valid government-issued photo ID, like a passport, etc.

One thing to note is that although we will be visiting Animal Kingdom on both the Tuesday and Friday, Thursday will be the free day for everyone to do as they wish.  So if you would like to visit one of the other Disney Parks remember to get your tickets for that day too.

Kennedy Space Center:
The link to the Kennedy Space Center tickets page is
here.  Besides the daily admission of $50 you have options to purchase additional 'Add-on Enhancements', such as the 'Explore Tour' or the 'Cape Canaveral Early Space Tour' and more.  In addition, there is a $10 parking charge.  It is suggested that the passengers pay the driver.  After all, they are driving you there.

Car Sharing:
Talking of car sharing.  It looks like we should have enough seats with those who will be bringing their own cars or renting them for the duration of the meet up.  For those who will be passengers, make sure you look after those who will be driving by helping with the car rental cost, gas money and any parking charges.  After all, they are driving you to the various venues.

It seems that this year there will be not much opportunity for cosplay, sadly.  The ideal place to do this would be at Disney, but as I think we are all aware, Disney does not allow this as they have a brand standard that they have to keep to.  In addition, the other places we will be visiting, such as the Kennedy Space Center and the habitat restoration, do not lend themselves to cosplay.  So unfortunately we will have to skip this year.  Of course, being Na'vi will remain in our hearts!
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