You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 1
October 2016

AM16 Photos

Well, with summer becoming a memory and the weather turning a little colder, in the northern hemisphere anyway, it is good to look back on the summer adventures and so here are a couple of  links to some of the photos taken:

- Meet Up Event
- Toruk Day

Pandora - The World of Avatar

If you have not been keeping up with the development of Pandora - The World of Avatar in Florida then the link below will give you a flavor of what will be waiting for us.  Beware of spoilers though, if you want your visit to be a surprise.



Why not have your own mini-meets?  With the Cirque du Soleil show touring North America at the moment, now is an excellent time to have your own mini-meets.  Check out the Cirque du Soleil website  of a date near you and put a call out through the usual channels on the forums and on the AvatarMeet Facebook page.  Who knows who might turn up?

AvatarMeet 2017: Here we go!

Well, it's been a while since the meet up in Pittsburgh and what an experience it was.  The meet up was almost cancelled due to the homophobic/transphobic legislation being passed in North Carolina causing Cirque du Soleil to cancel their show there.  However the show was moved to Pittsburgh and so did AvatarMeet.

For everyone who was able to go it was a 'txantsan' experience; from Karyu Paul's walk through of the dialogue used in the Cirque du Soleil show and painting the town blue, through to the show itself and getting to look behind the scenes of 'Toruk - The First Flight' with members of the cast and crew.

In this newsletter you will find links to photos from the meet up so you can see what we were up to or reminisce if you were there.  We also turn our thoughts to AvatarMeet 2017, which as you will probably know will visit Florida for 'Pandora - The World of Avatar', at Disney World.  You will find more information about our next meet up along with a survey to allow you to pass on your thoughts and opinions to the planning team.

AM17 - Timing:
As many of you will probably be aware of, the suggested date for AvatarMeet 2017 is October 2017.  Why?  Well there are a number of reasons:
  • We don't know exactly when the attraction will open.
  • It will give them time to iron out any issues.
  • The weather will be cooler.
  • We will avoid the crowds.
  • Travel should be cheaper.
  • It will give people more time to save for the event which may well be more expensive than previous meet ups.
Accommodation Idea:
Ikxeru came up with a suggestion for accommodation for the next meet up; instead of staying in a hotel, why not rent some holiday homes?  This would reduce the accommodation cost and allow us to be closer together.  The planning team have been looking into this and have found a number of possible sites such as this one and this one. We are also still looking into hotel accommodation possibilities.  In this newsletter, we have included a link to a survey where one of the questions relates to accommodation so you can express your preference. 

Have Your Say:
Below you will find a link to a survey regarding the next meet up.  Amongst other things, it asks questions relating to costs, meet up timing, accommodation as well as inviting you to share any thoughts or comments.

Please take the
SURVEY, which only takes 5 minutes to do.  This will help guide the meet up planning team deliver a meet up that you would like.  Please complete the survey by November 11 so we can collate the results.
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