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You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
AvatarMeet Newsletter
November 18th, 2011


Registration for AvatarMeet 2012 is now open! now offers the ability to create an account. Once an account is created, you can register for the meetup in the "profile" section. Sign up here.

Event Calendar

Along with the dates being set, there is now an event calendar on the website here. This will be updated as we get closer to next summer. Also note that the calendar has information for the backpacking trip and camping trip.


We are now accepting donations for the 2012 meetup. There are several events that need to be paid in advance. Please go here for more info.

Confirmed Date
and Location:

We are proud to announce that the dates for Avatar Meet 2012 have been finalized. They are
July 19–23 2012, with a camping trip happening before (more info below)

What this means: 

The dates are here to stay, so feel free to book your flight to Seattle. We have also arranged a hotel for the group along with a great discount. To add to that, we have set up an account system on for you to register for AvatarMeet 2012. (Details about everything are listed below and on

What you can do:

1. Create an account on, and register for the 2012 meetup.
2. Dates are confirmed so travel arrangements can be safely made.
3. The hotel we have been working with, can offer us a great group discount. Make sure you check on for how to get this discount.


The group hotel for the 2012 meetup is the Best Western Plus Executive Inn. The hotel is only a few minutes from the SFM and the Avatar Exhibit. They are offering us a great group discount. It is highly recommended that you select this hotel for the meetup because of the great rate and also for the numerous group activities that will take place there. It is VERY important that you follow the instructions here for how to book your room and get a discount. Looking for a roommate? Thanks to the new registration on the website, you will be able to see who needs a roommate and be able to contact them.

Pre-Meetup Events

There are 2 pre-meetup events planned for next year. A camping trip will be from July 16th-18th. A backpacking trip will be from July 15th-16th. Information on both of these events is located  here. Everything is open to everyone. Please note that these events require certain gear and preparations. Please look at the information on the website for the details about both events. If you would like to participate in either one, please specify so on your registration on the website.
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