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Issue 2014/1
December 17th, 2013

AM14 Promo

The promo video has been published! To celebrate 4 years since the release of Avatar the launch promo for AvatarMeet 2014 has been posted on the forums. No doubt there will be a bit of chatter there for you to join in, but if you can't wait that long, then click HERE to view the video.

AM13 Videos

Did you miss AvatarMeet 2013? Well, not to worry because the meet up was videoed to share with those who were unable to attend as well as for the attendees to look back on. These videos were posted on the forums, but if you missed them then you can catch up on the AvatarMeet YouTube Channel through the Video Logs section of You will also find the videos from AvatarMeet 2012 also posted there too.  Enjoy.

Four Years Since Avatar...

...and what better way to celebrate than announce the details AvatarMeet 2014!  But what will be the theme of the meet up?  Where will it be held?  When will it be?  All will be answered in the new launch promo video that has been posted on the forums.  If you haven't had chance to see it yet, well don't worry as there is a link in this newsletter.  You will also find links to videos from AvatarMeet 2013 as well as more information about AvatarMeet 2014.

Website Updates

Have you been to recently? To coincide with the announcement of AvatarMeet 2014, the meet up website has been updated to enable you to register your interest in attending the event. It would be most helpful to the planning team if you could complete the on-line form if you are interested in attending the event. This is not to confirm that you are definitely going (that will come later when we are ready for formal registration), just your interest. The questions there are to help plan the event and gauge peoples' interests and what they would like to see, so we can make this the best meet up so far! So simply log in and answer the new questions in your Profile today!


Is anyone interested in camping? Thoughts have turned to gauge the level of interest in camping. However, before any planning is undertaken, the AvatarMeet organizing team would like to know what level of interest there is. There are two possibilities we can aim for depending on interest: A 'something to suit everyone camp' (cabin and tent accommodation), i.e. 'beginner' or an advanced back packing adventure outdoors that requires you to be self sufficient, i.e. 'advanced'. The way to let us know what you would be interested in is to go to and complete the 2014 registration of interest questions in your profile. Like this general event questions, these are informational and non-binding at this time. This will help us plan accordingly, Irayo!
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