You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 1
December 23rd, 2012

AM 2012 Videos:

As you will be well aware, a lot of videoing of AvatarMeet 2012 took place. Over 10 hours of footage was recorded which has been edited over the subsequent months to produce a set of videos of the event. These videos have been posted on the forums as they have been completed. However, in case you have missed any, the link below will take you to the Video Log page where you can view all the videos created from the meet up. These include the promo material and the 'Meet the Producer' video with Jon Landau. Click here to view:

Photo Call:

Of course it wasn't all video. No meet up would be complete without photos! Here is a link to the AvatarMeet website where you can view a shed load of pictures covering the event to relive those memorable days

You Want Na'vi?

As you will know a major feature of the meet up was the Na'vi Lesson conducted by Karyu Pawl, along with Prrton, Txonä Rolyu ulte 'Oma Tirea. If you would like to view the material from the lesson, as well as the actual lesson again, Karyu Pawl has them posted on his blog. Just follow this link:


Seasons greeting and welcome to the first issue of the AvatarMeet 2013 Newsletter. After such a successful and wonderful AvatarMeet 2012 we in the planning team feel we have a good challenge on our hands to make the next meet up as good, if not better. With irayos flying out to the Best Western Hotel, the EMP Museum, Kathy Franklin from Lightstorm Entertainment, Jon Landau and Dr Paul Frommer, they all helped make the meet up a very memorable and special event for all the Avatar Fans who were able to attend. Of course the meet up would have not been a meet up if it had not been for all the aysmuke sì aysmukan who turned up from far and wide. Irayo.

AvatarMeet 2013

Your AvatarMeet team have been taking a long hard look at where and when to hold the next meet up. From the survey that was conducted post AvatarMeet 2012, there was an even split between east and west coasts of the US as a location. We have considered following the Avatar Exhibition, which will be in Indianapolis next summer a well as places that provide links to the themes in Avatar and people's suggestions. Another important factor is being close to a large population of Avatar fans and having good transport connectivity. So taking into account feedback from both the survey and clan members, the proposal for 2013 is:

Proposed Location: Washington DC
Proposed Date: 25th - 28th July 2013

What's with the thinking?
  • Takes AvatarMeet to the east coast of the US to allow fans from that side the country the opportunity to meet
  • It is more accessible for people from across the Atlantic to join in the gathering.
  • Excellent transport links by rail, road and air both nationally and internationally.
  • All visitor attractions are in the same locality.
  • Avatar theme: Space and Flight Museum.
  • Avatar theme: National Museum of the American Indian.
  • Avatar theme: Botanical Garden.
  • Avatar theme: Washington Zoo.
  • The first three are all located next to each other, with Washington Zoo a short metro ride away.
  • The date avoids events like Comic-Con.
  • All the museums are free to visit
  • All the places of interest are in the same locality
Proposal Poll:
So to help us confirm that the location and date provide the best opportunity for Avatar fans to meet we have posted polls on the forums for you to cast your vote. To cast your vote simply click on the relevant link below to your home forum and cast your vote:
Tree of Souls
Avatar Forums

AvatarMeet 2013 Tag Line:

AvatarMeet 2012 have the tag line "Uniting the Clans". This was suggested by Zephaniah from Learn Na'vi and seemed very apt. However, we would very much like to have a new tag line for the 2013 meet up. Your planning team have tried hard...very come up with some ideas - 72 in total...some of which were maybe not quite Avatar related or repeatable!  So having exhausted ourselves, we though why not go to the people who are our inspiration? You! So here is the challenge:
Come up with a tag line and post it in the relevant location poll threads linked above. Ideally it should be no more than three words, but this is not a strict rule. Na'vi is acceptable, providing a translation is also provided.
So go at it.  Closing date is 31st December, after which the planning team will pick the five best and post them for a voting poll shortly after.

All that remains is for your AvatarMeet planning team to wish all the best for the holiday season and the new year and we hope to see you all at AvatarMeet 2013.

Your AvatarMeet Planning Team

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