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Issue 2
February 26th 2016

Irayo nìtxan Lightstorm!!

We have some amazing news regarding our visit to see TORUK - The First Flight.

Lightstorm Entertainment have very generously given us complimentary tickets to see the show!  That means it will not cost us a penny.  Just how amazing is that?

Not that any proof was needed, but this further goes to show how much Lightstorm appreciate their fans.  Irayo nìtxan to Jon, Kathy and Brooks who have always been so approachable and supportive of all Avatar fans.  We will keep the Avatar flag flying!

Taking a Look Back

The clan family album:  It is hard to image that the first large group meet ups started in 2011 in Seattle.  The catalyst was the Avatar Exhibition at the EMP museum.  In that year there were two meet ups that were set up separately, although both groups helped each other out with the planning.  It was such an amazing experience for everyone that it lead to the start of AvatarMeet.

Over that time nearly a hundred different Avatar fans have attended a meet up.  The events have helped build life long friendships and allowed us fans to connect.  Not only that, we have been shown amazing support from the people at Lightstorm Entertainment who have supported every event in one way or another.  Dr Paul Frommer has also been an amazing contributor to the meet ups providing informative and fun Na'vi classes.  Paul's Husband, John, has also been a major supporter of the events, providing everyone with a metal cast enamel 'Ivong Na'vi badge

There have been so many supporters and helpers for AvatarMeet over the years including the attendees.  Irayo nìtxan to everyone who has contributed and attended over the years.  Without all of you there would be no meet up.

Hotel Booking Open and More

Welcome to the first AvatarMeet newsletter of 2016.  We have some very exciting news for you as you will read below.  But before that, you will be glad to know that we have now secured rooms at a hotel for the meet-up at group rate.  Not only that, it is within walking distance of the PNC arena where the Cirque du Soleil show TORUK - The First Flight will be performed.  You will find all the details below.

Hotel Information

The hotel that AvatarMeet will be staying at this year is the Comfort Suites which is located within walking distance of the PNC arena.

We have been able to get a group discount for the meet up event, which includes breakfast, as well as the usual amenities, such as Wi-Fi, pool and fitness center. In addition there is a restaurant next door and round the corner a mini store.

To find out all you need to know and how to book your room
click here.  On that page you will also find travel information for arriving by plane or train.  For overseas travelers there is additional information on travel to the US.

Website & Roll Call has had the roll call page updated so you can add information regarding your hotel booking.  You can also tag if you are looking for a 'roomie' or if you already have one.  There are also other criteria to help you keep track of where you are with your meet up planning.

Click here to update your profile.  This will also help the planning team understand the number of people coming.  Irayo nìtxan.


TOURK App for your smart phone: If you have a smart phone, you can become part of the TORUK - The First Flight show!

You will be able to discover what it’s like to become part of the show, access never-seen-before backstage photos and videos, and much more. Just make sure you have it downloaded before we go.  Visit
HERE for more information

A Visit to the Natives

We're currently working on planning a trip to visit the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation.

They are indigenous to the Piedmont areas of North Carolina and Virginia and located about an hour outside of Raleigh. We're still communicating with them at the moment so nothing has been definitively set. Hopefully they will be as interested in us as we are in them.
Activities for AM16

What activities would you like to do?  Over the past few years we have tried to include a number of Avatar related activities, such as Cosplay, Na'vi crafts and of course the Na'vi language from Dr Paul Frommer, to whom we will for ever be in his debt.  We have also started to make volunteering a part of the meet up too, as that is a way for us to walk the talk and follow through on one of the themes of Avatar.

However, are there any specific activities you would like to see?  We can not guarantee we will be able to make them all happen, but we will do our best to make the meet up a fun, worthwhile and fulfilling experience for new and regular attendees.

So if you do have any ideas, let us know though the usual channels such at the forums, the Facebook page or contact us directly.

Remember Last Year?

Do you want to remember what we got up to?: You can reminisce on the YouTube Channel or explore the photo and video logs on each of the year tabs on
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