You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 1
February 28, 2015

AM14 Photos

Need to relive AvatarMeet 2014:   As ever cameras were firing away during the meet up and many people shared their links.  You can easily get to see them as they are accessible view the AvatarMeet website.  Simply CLICK HERE to the link index.

AM14 Videos

Relive the sights and sounds: The complete set of Meet up videos have been completed and is able to view.  A massive irayo nìtxan to Aff7, Sìkat and Mikko for supplying photos to help fill in the gaps and help capture the story of AvatarMeet 2014.

The visit to Lightstorm's Studio on the second day of the meet up is a long one and been split up into 6 parts to cover the whole of the panel discussion.  We cannot thank Lightstorm enough for their generosity and allowing us to share the video content with everyone.  They are....OUTSTANDING!

To view the videos simply visit the AvatarMeet You Tube channel HERE


Welcome to the first of the AvatarMeet Newsletters for 2015.  If you don't already know where this year's meet up is being held, you will by the time you have finished reading this newsletter.  Besides information on AvatarMeet 2015 you will find links to last year's meet up to view the photos and videos taken.

So without further delay CLICK HERE to find out where AvatarMeet 2015 will be held.


Ready for More?: One aspect that we want to make an integral part of AvatarMeet is to undertake some environmental related volunteering.  This was a great success for those who were able to take part during AvatarMeet 2014, and it gave a great sense of teamwork and giving back.

For AvatarMeet 2015, research is being undertaken to find a suitable project that we will be able to take part in and contribute to.  In the meantime, if you have any ideas on the sort of thing you would like to do please get in touch.

Pre-Meet Activities

Something for Everyone?: As seems to the the going pattern, it is recognized that there are a number of 'tastes' that people have when coming to AvatarMeet: Some what to immerse themselves in the great outdoors, others want to explore places they have not been to before.

Consequently, for AvatarMeet 2015, there will be two very informal 'pre-meets'.  One will be an outdoors camping expedition in Jasper Park.  The other will be a sightseeing visit to Denver.  More details will be provided in due course.


Why Colorado?: Over the past AvatarMeets the location has switched between the east and west coast of the US.  This has meant that it has been harder for those from opposite coast to make it to the meet ups.  Consequently it was decided that somewhere in the middle would be appropriate to enable aysmukan sì aysmke from east and west to meet up.  And so Estes Park was chosen.
Estes Park is situated about 90 miles northwest of Denver and sits in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  This place gives great views of the surrounding area and a sense of being closer to nature whilst still having the creature comforts for those who need them.  There are over 300 miles of hiking trails withing the protected mountain wilds.  Fortunately we do not intend walking all of them during the four days we are there!

To see where it is located check out this MAP

To find out more about Estes Park you can visit their website HERE

So... if you are interested in joining your clan for another meet up then click along to to register your interest.
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