You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
Issue 2
March 10th, 2013

Tag Line

If you have not already seen on the forums, the winning vote for the AvatarMeet 2013 tagline was...*drum roll..TSSSSS* Journey to the Eastern Sea, which was originally suggested by Fiyerwall.  The scores for the AvatarMeet 2013 tag line are below:
Journey to the Eastern Sea = 16
Continuing the Journey = 9

A massive Irayo to everyone who took the time to take part.

Urban Exploration: PreMeet Prices

This year we've turned the tables to experience the forest during the main event.  However, visiting Washington DC and exploring will still be a major, albeit, informal part of the meet up.
Transport from Washington Dulles Airport:
$10 single $18 round trip on Washington Flyer  to West Falls Church
$3.95 Metro into Washington DC
Taxi - between $56 and $64.
Washington DC Hotel Harrington If in a single room $159.16 (inc tax), If four sharing $48.38 (inc tax)
Less than a mile north is Hostelling International starting from $37 a night during this period.
Washington DC attractions: $0:00 - FREE!
+ Daily spending money

Back To Nature

This year instead of doing a mostly city-centric gathering, your planning team is tentatively working towards a return to nature. The idea is to make the outdoors a more major part of the meet up. The proposal is to spend a few informal days in Washington DC, before traveling out to the beautiful Shenandoah National Park for the rest of the meet up. In doing this we are internalizing one of the most important themes from the movie that bonded us together: embracing nature. There will be a number of options for people from camping to cabins to suit preferences and pocket. With the success of last year's camping trip in mind, this will be your opportunity to enjoying the company of like minded ayeylan in a natural setting.

TENTATIVE Dates and Locations:
Mon July 22 - Thurs July 25:
Informal PreMeet In Washington DC
Thurs July 25 - Mon July 29:
AvatarMeet in Shenandoah National Park

AvatarMeet Roll-Call & Costs:

In order to determine the feasibility of this meet up we would like your input.  All you have to do is sign in or register on and fill out the preliminary roll call and questions by editing your profile.  This is very important in helping the planning team with eventual bookings, so please complete ASAP (go do it now!).

We are conscious price is a deciding factor on attendance, so we've broken down the estimates here. The gist being it will cost between $135 and $350 depending on accommodation choice. Don't forget that this does NOT include your travel to Washington DC.

The Great Outdoors

So where is the Shenandoah National Park? This link will open up a google map of where it is in relation to Washington DC, and this link  shows a more detailed map of the national park.  Your planning team is looking at Big Meadows as the specific location within the park.  This site offers facilities for all tastes of accommodation.  From camping and RV parking, through the more comfortable cabins and lodge facilities, you could say Big Meadows has something for everyone.  Possible activities we're looking into include hiking, exploring, cosplaying, Na'vi lessons as well as hopefully a clan meal - Na'vi style!

City Sights

Washington DC has a concentration of free tourist attractions all located in the centre of the city and surrounded by the corridors of government.  The Mall, as you will will probably know, is lined with numerous museums and some of America's most iconic buildings and monuments.  So why not stay a while and take it in?  A couple of places worth visiting due to their connection with Avatar are the National Air and Space Museum and next to that the National Museum on the American Indian.  In addition there are the botanical gardens located next to Capitol Hill.  Everything is within easy walking distance.apart from the Washington Zoo, which is a short metro ride away.