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Issue 5
July 20th, 2013

Check it out

We've been posting updates to with all the latest event schedules and attendee information.

Check out the site to make sure you have everything covered.  Click here to go to the attendee information.  Click here for information on what you need to consider bringing.

Please also make sure your profile is up to date. We've been making some notes in your profiles, feel free to add to those notes with your own information about how and when you're traveling. We still have a couple of smuk looking for rides to or from Shenandoah, please let us know if you've got space in your vehicle and are will to help out a fellow clan member!

Event Schedule

The event schedule has been updated for the main part of the event and can be accessed here.

It also includes suggested activities for the informal part of the meet up in Washington DC.  These cover places to visit on the Tuesday and Wednesday to take in the Space and Flight Museum, the Museum of the Native American and the Botanical Gardens...just to get you into the Avatar mood.  On the Wednesday there is a day trip to Washington Zoo.

MSG & badges

Registered attendees will receive a Meet-up Survival Guide (MSG) and ID badge to guide you through the meet up and to take home with you. The MSG gives and overview of things to do in DC and information about Shenandoah National Park, as well as descriptions of the scheduled events in Shenandoah National Park.

MSGs and badges will be handed out as we meet you. If you're coming to the informal pre-meet events, be sure to check the event calendar for where to find us, starting at the Space & Flight Museum on Tuesday at 09:45.

AvatarMeet 2013 is here!

Well the time is nearly here to leave Earth and head for Pandora. (The majority of the planning team is currently in the air on the way to Washington as we write newsletter this from an internet enabled ikran 37,000' somewhere over Wisconsin!) But before we all gather with friends old and new here are some last minute reminders and information to help you on your way. They cover the latest updates to the website, food and event costs, and the meetup schedule.

If you have any questions about anything, please let us know! Safe travels everyone, and see you at AvatarMeet 2013!


For those camping at Big Meadows, food will be provided by the planning team.  There will be a small charge for this to cover food for the 4 days spent in the Pandoran forest.  This will be $18 for 4 days of dinners, $11 for 4 days of lunches, and $4 for 4 days of breakfasts. ($33 total). See the section below how to pre-pay to help us with our numbers. Those staying at the hotel/lodge are also strongly invited to join the clan for meals, please help us out by letting us know how you're dining. There are also dining facilities at he the Big Meadows lodge, but there is nothing like a clan meal from a camp fire!

Paying for the event

We've put together a handy list of all the costs for AvatarMeet 2013, and the planning team has worked hard to provide a 4 day event (not including park entry or hotel for those who chose to stay there) for only $100! This includes the group trip to the awesome Luray Caverns on Friday, the Na'vi Lesson and Avatar screening on Saturday, 4 nights of campsite fees, and food!

While some parts of the meetup are fixed cost, as per last year, we intend having a donations system to help cover the communal costs of the event. This year being logistics, firewood, Na'vi lesson and screening tech, and a few other smaller items. We're hoping that everyone can to donate $14 each to help meet the communal costs. However, nobody is obliged to donate, although it would be greatly appreciated.

Payment can be made in person to Mikko at the site in cash, check or chocolate. Better yet, you can pre-pay online for all the aspects of AvatarMeet right now! Just go here to pay and you'll find all the info you need!

An urgent call for kitchen equipment for clan meals

To our local East Cost ayeylan driving in to Avatar Meet, we are needing few key pieces of equipment to help make the clan meals a reality for everyone. The needed gear list is as follows:
  • Coolers
  • Metal grilling tongs
  • Metal grilling spatulas
  • Oven mitts
  • Plastic cutting boards
  • Metal pots and pans (no plastic handles please)
  • Cleaning rags
  • Water containers
  • Dish-washing soap
If you can bring any of these items, please let know. Any help would be greatly appreciated with a massive irayo from everyone.

Shenandoah vehicle fee

Just as a reminder to drivers, when you enter Skyline Drive there will be a charge of $15 per vehicle. The 7-day pass cover the vehicle for the duration of your visit.  The money goes toward looking after the national park.


Somwewpe txasom lu!

Everywhere seems to be experiencing a heat wave at the moment and so to keep you informed of what's happening with the weather in Washington D.C. click here and for the forecast for Big Meadows click here.

And as a Na'vi 101 refresher: Yafkeyk fyape?  Zup tompa sì taw lu lepwopx.  Yari somwewpe?  Ya lu txasom!
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