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2012 / Camping and Hiking

ONP ONP There are 2 pre-meetup outdoor adventures. Both will take place in Olympic National Park.

A one night backpacking trip deep into the wilderness and mountains of the park will prove to be a fun challenge for those looking for a more extreme start to their adventure.

A group camping adventure at the Sol Duc campground will consist of several day hikes and treks into various places of the park, as well as night hikes, group campfires and other fun outdoor activities. Join us for a truly unique and awesome adventure!

(please note that new information will be added here as it becomes available.)

Backpacking Trip

July 15th - 16th

General Info:
    The backpacking trip will be a fun and challenging trek through the forests and mountains of Olympic National Park and will include an overnight stay at a site along the trail. Anyone wanting to go on the backpacking trip should be prepared for an overnight trek deep in the wilderness combined with a lot of miles of hiking and elevation gain. Arrangements should be made to have all of the necessary gear.

Meetup Time/Place:
    The backpacking group will meet sometime mid-day on Sunday July 15th, at the Sul Duc campground. (specific details TBA)

Possible Events:
    16 mile round trip hike, summiting at least one peak over 5,000 ft elevation, the "high divide" trail. For detailed information see the Event Calendar.

    No group transportation will be provided, as people will be arriving from different locations. Feel free to find people in the same area/time and carpool to the site.

Estimated Cost:
    $3 per person for the night, and $15 vehicle entrance fee for the park.

How To Make Reservation:
    Simply edit your profile and check "Yes" on backpacking trip. This will give us the number of people. And once the time to reserve the site becomes available, we will handle all of the reservation details with the national park.


    Camping Trip

      July 16th - 18th

General Info:
    The camping trip will be a fun 3 night event in Olympic National Park. There will be group hikes, night hikes, beach exploration, campfires, and other awesome outdoor activities. Anyone wanting to go camping should make arrangements to have all of the necessary camping gear. There will be several options for campsites. We are booking a group campsite (max 24 people so first come first serve), and there are plenty of individual sites as well at the campground that are first come first serve upon arrival.

Meetup Time/Place:
    Arrive whenever you want to! Only have an extra day to spare? Come and join us for the day. The entire event is 3 days long and each day will have its own unique adventures/activities. We are camping at the Sul Duc campsite. We are reserving the group site and this will act as a "base-camp" for the group. You do not have to stay in the group site as there are lots of individual sites to choose from.

Possible Events:
    Day hikes, night hike, trip to the beach, BBQ, group campfires, entomology/botany lessons, na'vi arts and crafts. For detailed information see the Event Calendar.

    We have arranged one shuttle bus from SEA-TAC airport. The shuttle bus has a capacity of 12. The bus will leave around 5:00 PM on Monday July 16th, The shuttle bus will return to Seattle (to the Best Western Executive Inn) for the meetup leaving around 10:00 AM on Thursday July 19th (arriving around lunchtime/early afternoon). The price of the shuttle will be around $30-$50 each way and is payable in cash in person on the day. Sign-up for seats on the shuttle is now available in your profile.

Food and Meals:
    We will be providing most of the main meals for everyone. We will provide a list of what we are having each day once it has been worked out. Please indicate on your profile if you have any specific dietary needs. Also we would like for people to chip-in their part to pay for all of the meals. We will have an estimate per person once we get the food (around $40 likely). You are welcome to bring in your own food, and it is encouraged that your bring snacks for the hikes and other events. If you bring food, be sure to bring a suitable wildlife-proof container for it. Bear cans, "ursacks" and the like are recommended.

Estimated Cost:
    $14 per night at individual (max 8 people). $1 per person at group site. (max 24 people). $15 for vehicle entrance fee. AvatarMeet organizers will cover the $20 one-time reservation fee for the group site.

How To Make Reservation:
    Simply edit your profile and mark "group site" or "individual site". This will give us the number of people. If you are planning on staying in the group site, please be aware that there is a limit of 24 people for that site. It will be given on a first come first serve basis. However, for those staying at an individual site, you will be free to use the group site for all of our events. You just have to "camp/sleep" at your own site. EVERYONE, regardless of group or individual will not have to reserve any site ahead of time. We will take care of the group reservation, and the individual sites are reserved upon arrival to the park. Another option for camping is the Lodge, which is about a mile up the road from the campsites. You will have to make your reservation there separately and be aware of the distance between the campsites and the lodge. Also note that the group site and individual sites are approximately 1/4 mile apart.

Equipment & Supplies:
    The following is a suggested list of gear to bring on on the camping trip. The list is not exhaustive, and if you have any questions feel free to ask any of us!
Seasonal average temperatures for Olympic National Park in mid July are daytime highs of around 18°C/65°F, night time lows around 10°C/50°F. Most days in July see very little if any rain on average.
(List adapted from this post on Tree-Of-Souls.com)

Would you like to join the camping planning team and help plan these awesome events?
Anyone is welcome to help. Simply post that you want to help in our planning thread on TreeofSouls.

We have group discussions on IRC every so often. The next meeting time will be posted in the planning thread (link above).
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