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2014 / Attendee Info

    Coming to AvatarMeet 2014? This is the page to read for all the nuts and bolts information you'll need to ensure a good trip. We'll keep updating the page as we get more details firmed up.

    Hotel Information:

The official hotel for the meetup is the Four Points by Sheraton LAX, 9750 Airport Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045. It is located close to Los Angeles airport for convenience. We have made arrangements with the hotel to block book 10 rooms from Wednesday night (July 9th) through Saturday night (July 12th). Once all ten room are booked, people will still be able to book a room and receive the discount. However rooms will be subject to availability. So it is a good idea to book as soon as you can. They have given us great rates as detailed below.

Hotel Details:

How to make your reservation:

Making your reservation is easy. You have two options:

Go book your room on-line by simply using the AvatarMeet 2014 hotel reservation page.


Simply call the hotel and mention that you are part of "The AvatarMeet 2014 Group" and ask for the discount. Make sure you have your credit card to hand. The phone number to call is +1 800-529-4683.

You need to book your room by May 29th 2014 to get the discounted rate.

    Travel Information

Coming from outside the US?:

  • If you are coming to the US, especially for the first time, you will need to make sure you have the correct travel documentation. The obvious one is a passport. If you don't have one already, make sure you apply for your country's passport as soon as possible, as they may take time to process. You can find more by visiting your country's government websites and passport issuing offices.
  • Many countries come under the US Visa Waiver Program which simply requires you to fill in an Electronic Travel Authorization System (ESTA) form (cost $14). To find out more information visit here: http://cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/id_visa/esta/
  • You may find that you need a visa in order to gain entry into America. This is a separate document to your passport and will need to be applied for, usually separately from your passport. There is a helpful website run by the US Department of State that explains what you will need. The website is: http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english/visit.html.
  • In addition, your local travel agent/service should be able to provide you with guidance and advice.
  • Your travel documents will be one of the most important things that you will carry with you to AvatarMeet 2014, so it is important you make sure you have the correct ones and you look after them!

Airport Information:

Rail Information:

Bus Information:


Meetup Fee: $40:

To help with the group costs of running the event, as in the past, the planning team will be requesting that everyone chip in to pay for AvatarMeet 2014. Unlike for-profit conventions, AvatarMeet is all about us fans getting together, there's no money in this for anyone; but the activities do cost us a little to arrange. This year the meetup fee goes towards a number of items, including but not limited to, the following:
  • Meet-up Survival Guide
  • Name badges
  • Hotel meeting room rental
  • Equipment hire for Na'vi Classes
  • And of course exclusive T-shirts!
As with AvatarMeet 2012 in Seattle, the required donation to attend the meetup will be $40, which will allow us to cover the operating costs. Historically some have chosen to donate more, and that is always welcome to help with things that inevitably pop up beyond our budget. We will be using PayPal to collect the funds through AvatarMeet.com to prevent the planning team having to float the cost of the meetup on our personal credit cards. Payment is due by May 29, to give the planning team time to budget resources.

Once payment has been received, we'll note it in your AvatarMeet.com profile within about a day.

Click here to pay:

If you have any questions, please contact Mikko who is acting as treasurer.

Cost estimates spreadsheet:

We've prepared a spreadsheet with basic estimated costs, especially for those traveling from overseas to AvatarMeet 2014: EstimatedLosAngelesCosts-V3.pdf

    Non-Disclosure Agreement

Everyone visiting Lightstorm Entertainment is required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), no exceptions!

Read the F.A.Q. below for more information, but basically an NDA is a contract to keep a secret to protect confidential information. In this case, we may (or may not!) be learning information regarding future Avatar Movies, or other projects Lightstorm may be working on. Everyone visiting Lightstorm is required to sign an NDA; this is standard practice in any sensitive business, like Hollywood.

NDA Signature Getting us a signed NDA for Lightstorm is easy:
  • Login to AvatarMeet.com to download the NDA here: Please login for download link.
  • Print the PDF and sign the paper in ink. Put your name in the blank at the top and in the "Name:" field at the bottom. Sign the "By:" field, and note the date. Leave "Representing" blank. Please include your address, phone number is optional.
  • Scan the signed NDA and email it to NDA@AvatarMeet.com
  • Once we've got it, we'll update your profile as confirmation within about a day.
  • The AvatarMeet Planning Team will send the group's NDAs on to Lightstorm for pre-clearance.
  • Bring your paper copy to the AvatarMeet 2014 welcome event.
  • You will also need legal photo ID to clear security at Lightstorm!

If for some reason you are not planning on attending the Lightstorm visit, please email us at NDA@AvatarMeet.com and we'll mark your profile accordingly for an accurate number count for the visit. Any questions can of course also be directed to that address!

Loose lips might sink ships poster

    Non-Disclosure Agreement - Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement and what does it mean?

It's essentially a written promise to keep a secret.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA, is a legal contract between two or more parties that formalizes the trust between those parties. It outlines the material, knowledge, or information that the parties wish to share with one another, but wish to restrict access to or by third parties. The NDA means that both parties agree not to disclose information covered by the agreement and is very much based on trust. However if an individual breaks that trust and the contract is breached, they will be faced with consequences.

In the case of the visit to Lightstorm, the NDA will be an agreement between yourself and Lightstorm Entertainment Inc. It means that you will not be able to disclose through any means publicly or privately what you will get to see and hear about whilst on their premises, without their formal agreement. The full terms of their agreement is contained within the NDA, which will be forwarded to you prior to the event for review and hopefully your agreement so you can visit their facilities. Be assured, though, that this is normal practice for any such visit to a studio and is nothing new. Who knows what or who we might see?!?

Why do I have to fill one in?

Lightstorm's facilities are a busy place as they are working towards starting production on the next Avatar films. Consequently, Lightstorm needs to ensure that their work is protected from leaks and allows them to 'reveal the curtain' when the time is right. The NDA is all about trust and by signing it, Lightstorm is depending on you to honor that trust. If there are any breaches in that trust it would seriously jeopardize, if not prevent, any future Lightstorm and fan base interaction.

Do I need to see a lawyer before I sign it?

If you feel the need to seek legal advice prior to signing the agreement, you can. However, the content of the NDA cannot be changed as it belongs to Lightstorm. If you feel unable to sign the agreement, you will not have to. However, you will not be able to enter Lightstorm's premises and will miss out on an amazing experience!

When and where will I need to sign it?

We are still formalizing this process to ensure it's a smooth as possible, stay tuned for details!

What if I share my ideas for Avatar whilst at Lightstorm?

The employees of Lightstorm Entertainment know that this community has a deep bond with Avatar and a vast imagination, but please DO NOT share any ideas, pitches, concepts…while on the studio lot or through outside correspondence (phone, email, mail...) as they are legally constrained from receiving them.

What happens if I accidentally say something that breaches the NDA?

Prevention is better than the cure - stick by the letter of the agreement that you signed with Lightstorm. The NDA is all about trust and Lightstorm is depending on us to honor that trust. If there are any breaches in that trust, as mentioned above, it would put at risk the relationship that we have built with Lightstorm.

However, if you do let something out, 'hold your hand up' and be honest. Lightstorm will need to know so they can understand what the breaches are and how to contain them (No one likes spoilers). They will be very much relying on the community to self-police and it is important that any breaches are contained and removed from public view and Lightstorm is informed.

What are the consequences of breaching the NDA?

It depends on what the breach is, but let's be clear: Any breaches could not only put at risk any future interaction between Lightstorm and the Avatar fan base, but also put at risk all the hard work that is going into making the next three films. There may also be legal ramifications for the individual who breached the agreement. So put simply, don't say or post anything that you've agreed to keep between you and Lightstorm, and you will be fine.

The desire to share is human nature, so it will be critically important to keep that in check. For example, bragging that you met a cast member whose character died in the first Avatar could lead to all sorts of consequences for you. It's like the idiom: "loose lips might sink ships."

If you have a lot of trouble keeping secrets, you may wish to consider if this is one you'll want the burden of.

My friends on the forums and family will want to know what I got up to, what will I be able to tell them?

In a word: nothing! Non-disclosure is non-disclosure. However, there will be a portion of the visit where you will be able to take photos to share. The team at Lightstorm will want to take groups photos too! They will also provide clear guidance on what the boundaries are, whilst at the same time doing all they can to make the visit as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

What do I do if I see someone breach the NDA?

Inform the planning team and the forum admin to have the post removed if it is on a forum. Lightstorm will need to be informed so they can understand what the breach is and work out how to deal with it and if necessary, the individual. You are reminded though, that any breaches will probably end any future close ties between Lightstorm and the fan community. So let’s not go there. Instead value the experience and the fact that you will have been to the home of Avatar!

Does the NDA also apply to overseas attendees?

Yes! Everyone visiting Lightstorm Entertainment must sign (and is bound by) an NDA.

What if I'm under the age of 18?

Please sign the NDA if you are under the age of 18 and have a legal guardian sign it as well.

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