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2014 / Event Calendar

This Timeline is an outline of events during the entire span of the meetup, and will be updated with more specific times and events over time, based on input from surveys and suggestions. Please feel free to comment/suggest anything by emailing to Suggestions@avatarmeet.com.

(All events subject to change)

AvatarMeet 2014 Events Calendar

Sunday July 6: Monday July 7: Tuesday July 8: Wednesday July 9: Thursday July 10: Friday July 11: Saturday July 12: Sunday July 13:

Selected Event Details

AvatarMeet 2014 to visit Lightstorm Entertainment!

Lightstorm Entertainment

(Thursday July 10, 11 AM - MBS Media Campus)

Yes, you read the heading correctly. Lightstorm Entertainment is opening their doors to AvatarMeet 2014 for one day only!

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how James Cameron’s Avatar was created from the individuals behind the magic. Attendees will also get a chance to tour the production facility where the Avatar sequels will be created. This will be an amazing experience for any Avatar fan.

The AvatarMeet planning team is extremely grateful to Lightstorm for this incredible opportunity. One aspect that prospective attendees will need to be aware of is that they will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which is normal practice for such visits. Discussions are still taking place with Lightstorm to confirm the details of the visit. As they become finalized they will be communicated through the usual channels. This will be a 'txantsan' experience for us all.

Special screening of Avatar

Watching Avatar


It's not AvatarMeet without a screening of Avatar! We're still working on the details, but we knows it's always the best way to watch the movie: with our fellow clan members!

To enter the screening, you'll need to be registered on AvatarMeet.com as attending the 2014 meetup.

Karyu Pawl to teach Na’vi lessons at AvatarMeet 2014!

Navi Lessons at AM 2013

(Saturday July 12, 9 AM - Brentwood/Westwood room (at hotel).)

We are very excited to announce that linguist Professor Paul Frommer, creator of the Na'vi language, will be joining us again for AvatarMeet 2014!

The plan is for the main class to be a "103" level intermediate class, building on the Na'vi classes at AvatarMeet 2012 and AvatarMeet 2013. The lesson will assume a basic understanding of the Na’vi language, however there will also be a short refresher class for those who feel they could use a little more sänume earlier during AvatarMeet! You can watch the entire 101 class from AvatarMeet 2012 here. and the watch the 102 class from AvatarMeet 2013 here. You can of course also check out the myriad of resources over at LearnNavi.org.

To sign up to attend the Na'vi lesson, simply edit your AvatarMeet.com profile and indicate your level of proficiency by answering the "Would you like to attend a Na'vi language class?" question. You will show as signed up on the Roll Call list and you'll know you have your space reserved for this exciting opportunity! Space may be limited, so sign up today!

Giving back: Group volunteering at Madrona Marsh

Madrona Marsh

(Saturday July 12, 1 PM - Madrona Marsh)

The central message of Avatar is one of environmental responsibility and empathy for other living things. We were all touched by this movie, and many of us were awakened to the severity of the problems facing the health of our planet –our Eywa –and how they will impact the future of the organisms that live here, including ourselves.

In a way, it is our responsibility to owe up to these ideals. If we do not take action on our values and ideology, we are little more than hypocrites obsessed with the color blue. We can help make a difference, and through the meetups we can join forces to help make every part of the world we visit a little better for the plants and animals that live there.

We have arranged a volunteering session with Madrona wetlands, a nature preserve located right in the midst of Los Angeles. On Saturday at 1 PM, we will all head down to Madrona and help improve the habitat there by removing invasive species and replanting them with natives; this will help by giving the animals that live in this island of a once-common ecosystem in the area new places to forage, take shelter, and raise their young.

Madrona will provide us with the tools and other necessities, and will be offering refreshments as thanks for providing our assistance. We will be bringing lunch with us from the hotel; we will eat lunch in their picnic area and then roll up our sleeves and get to work. If anyone with physical limitations finds the tasks too difficult, other options can be furnished. Our session will last from 1 to 4 PM, and after that we will return to the hotel for our last night before we all have to depart. We hope everyone is excited for this opportunity to have some fun while helping to repair the damage that others have dealt to our planet’s biosphere.

Questions? contact Raiden on the Learn Na’vi forums or on the Tree of Souls forums.

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