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You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you. You tell the other clans to come.
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2012 / Attendee Info

    With people coming to the meetup from all over the world, travel and hotel information is extremely important to make sure everyone gets to their destination and has all of the necessary information to make a reservation at the hotel. We have chosen our group hotel to be The Best Western Executive Inn. We have secured a great group rate for everyone. More information is here. Travel information which includes suggested arrival times, transport information and general travel info is here.

  EMP tickets

EMP Tickets We have secured a fantastic deal with the EMP Museum for group tickets for AvatarMeet 2012. Here's what you get: All this for just $30 a person!

There are 2 ways to buy your EMP tickets!
Tickets can be purchased online or at the EMP in person. Both methods will get your name on a "Will Call" list. Each day you visit the EMP, you'll simply need to present ID and you'll get you ticket for the day. Tickets purchased online are subject to a $2.04 service fee from the ticketing provider. We recommend buying online to make things faster at the door on Friday evening (and get you to your seats faster for the Meet the Producer event and Avatar Screening!) and give us and the EMP better numbers for attendance.

Online ticket pre-sales have closed, but you can still buy your EMP Museum tickets on site at the EMP Museum all weekend!

    Hotel Information

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General Information:


    The price per room is the same for double bedrooms and single. We have 35 rooms at the Executive Inn and 15 at the Loyal Inn. All of our "in-hotel" events will happen at the Executive Inn, so it is recommended that you book there first if possible.

How to make your reservation:

Clan Dinner:

    We are still working out details for the dinner, which will take place in the ballroom at the hotel. As part of our agreement with the hotel to get great group rates for everyone, we have to use their facilities for one group dinner. This is to our advantage as well because finding a place to accommodate a group our size is not easy. It will likely be a buffet dinner and will be no more than $30. However, because this has to be paid in advance, we will be using donations to cover this cost for everyone. Go here to donate.

    Travel Information

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For people traveling from outside the US:

Airport Information:

When to arrive:


General Information:

    We are now accepting donations for the 2012 Meetup. This is because of several events and activities that need to be paid in advance. Every dollar we raise will go directly into making this meetup that much more awesome.

How much to donate?

    The donations are pricipally to cover the cost of the clan meal. However they will also be used to enhance the activities that we are currently planning. The meal will be buffet style and will have an average cost of $30 per person. We have set the suggested donation amount to $40. We will of course accept more, and the more we get, the better the events at the meetup get. If you cannot afford to donate $40, we welcome any amount. Every little bit helps to make sure all our aysmukan sì aysmuke can participate. You can always donate some now, and more later.

Where your donation goes:

What do you get for your donation?

How to Donate:

    (Suggested Donation: $40 USD - donations are anonymous)

    Use the embedded widget below or go here.

Thank You for helping to make this meetup not only possible, but completely awesome!
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